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fat dissolving treatments  in Louisville, KY

Fat Dissolving Treatments

PCDC  $1000/treatment area *(this price covers the number of necessary treatments for you)

  • Used for double chin, buccal fat, braking fat, stubborn belly fat and inner thighs! 

  • PCDC might be right for your if:

    • You’re bothered by submental fullness

    • Surgery is not an option for you

    • You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are

    • You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away

    • To schedule your complimentary consultation or fat dissolving in Louisville,, contact XO Aesthetic Refinery today.

Emsculpt Neo  $900/treatment

  • Package of 4+   $3500​

    • Free Alastin Transform Body Cream​

Emtone  $600/treatment

  • Package of 4 is $2200

  • Package of 6 is $3000

    • Package of 4 Emsculpt and 4 Emtone $5000

    • Package for 6 Emsculpt, 6 Emtone and $7000

Let’s talk about your look! 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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