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Hair Restoration

Hair restoration at XO works by stimulating cellular activity in your follicles to slow down and minimize hair loss while supporting hair regrowth using our state of the art laser devices and PRP from your own body.

This advanced technology is safe, effective, and with zero downtime you could do it on your lunch break.

What is hair restoration?

At XO, we customize a treatment plan specific to each client. Our technique is a nonsurgical, noninvasive, relatively painless treatment for both men and women experiencing hair loss.  XO is excited to introduce the Lutronic Genius & Ultra Laser: an in-office system that has perfected low-level laser energy technology, making hair restoration simple and convenient by allowing its users to sit and relax as one of our medical providers use the device on you. This is a pain-free treatment solution with no downtime for women and men experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Each treatment takes just 20 minutes, so come on over during your lunch break!

Interested in other hair restoration treatments? Check out our exclusive Vampire PRP service menu! 

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