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join the club dedicated to

self care.

Our Membership is an in-house rewards program. It offers exclusive deals, promotions, and discounts on our products and services. It allows each of our Louisville & Lexington locations' clients to get all the insider benefits, with add-on's in a Tier-One or Tier-Two menu listed below!

Included in the membership will be one free facial each month (excluding Diamond Glow & Glass Skin Facials - they are discounted below!) with a free dermaplaning, as well as a free wellness injection (skinny shot or immune boost).

Perks for membership include:


  • 10% off  VAMPIRE™ services

  • Discounted tox at $10/unit for Botox or Xeomin and $4/unit for Dysport

  • 10% off PDO threads

  • 20% off skincare

  • $100 off full syringes of filler

  • 10% off of microneedling 

    • 10% off Glass Skin Facial​

    • 10% off Diamond Glow Facial

  •  25% off IV hydration 

  • $20 brow shape

Which membership is right for you? 

VIP TOX Membership 


  • $20/month

  • $10/unit tox (excludes masseters)

  • 5% off skincare

  • 12 month minimum

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